Saturday, May 12, 2012

2011 Scrapbook

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wow.... it's been a while

Sorry everyone, it seems that with Facebook I forget to get on here to update anything! The past year hasn't exactly been filled with a bunch of free time! Adam's doing really well in school and half way done! Whew.... it's just for a season!

I've been working on recording some worship songs in the studio. I've been trying to get my ministry dreams started. I have a website up if you'd like to check it out. As soon as I can figure out copyrights and get them paid, I will post the recordings on my new site. Go to: (link is to the right side of our page by all our friends' blogs we follow.

The boys are doing great! Tate and Brayden are getting so big. Brayden was accepted to Imagine Rosefield charter school a mile from our house. He'll have to get uniforms and everything. It's one of the few really good schools out here in Surprise! So we're excited about that. He's doing well with is Reading, and we're still working on his writing..... Not quite as great as his Reading..... Tate is starting to say a ton of words (well, at least we can make sense of a lot of words). He'll be 18 months already next month! But, that's about it for us.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tate's bday and halloween pics

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Sorry it's been so long! But I finally got it done for you all to enjoy.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Fun 2011

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This summer has been one of the most busy we've had, but it's been a lot of fun! Melanie came to town, we went to Seattle and Oregon, Papa came to town, Andrea and her family came to town, Hallie, Riley, and Ashlynn came to stay with us, I took the boys to Camp Meeting for a few days, went into work a few days to get our new 3rd grade classroom ready, and the list goes on and on. Brayden took swim lessons all summer and Tate took a session of swim class also. We went to Grammie and Pappie's pool at Cibola Bista a lot. We met friends at the splash park a few times, and we had our church's VBS as well. I went to the recording studio to record a few worship tracks to get started on advertising for doing worship events at churches. I'm excited to loop up to 3rd grade with our kiddos from 2nd grade this year. I'll still be doing part time with Amy and that has been wonderful. Adam and I are going Kentucky next weekend for Brian's wedding. Adam did his 2nd sermon a few weeks ago at church. He did an amazing job! It's really neat to get a glimpse of what our ministry together will look like in the future. I'm working on getting his sermon uploaded somewhere for you all to see. He's working very very hard and doing a great job keeping up with things. Tate is getting ready to start walking. He can squat, and then stand, and go back and forth between the two. He's getting so big. Brayden is getting good at the drums. He has figured out how to do two different beats at the same time for each hand. I was impressed! Well, I hope this caught you up at least for our summer!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Bdays and field trips

March was filled with field trip and bday party fun! Brayden's good friend Korina from preschool had a bday party at Ceretta's chocolate factory. They made their very own chocolate pizza with all the toppings they wanted. Tate wanted in on the action in one of the pics where he's grabbing the paper cup full of chocolate chips! Korina's dad dressed up as Willa Wonka and the kids had so much fun! Brayden also went to the Dinosaur museum with preschool and had a blast. It was my off day so I was able to go with. I'm so thankful! Brayden also went to his friend Lincoln's bday party at Jumpt Street where there were a ton of trampolines and jump houses with slides. He had so much fun with his friend! He's getting so old.

Spring break

For spring break, we had much needed time of relaxation, with no schedule! We took the boys to the zoo and saw the new aquarium. Brayden rode his first ride (usually he's a scardy cat!), and Tate went on his first train ride. All the boys got their hair cut. This was Tate's 2nd hair cut. It was time to get rid of the comb over. It was great family time! We all went to Jaime's Sat. and I helped her paint her kitchen, we hung out with my parents and played games Sunday, and celebrated Jaime and Jen's bday. We watched the jets yesterday by our house at the air show for a little bit too. It was a very nice spring break!

Push ups

Tate has learned to do push ups! He definitely is Adam's son!